Helping Your Kids To Adjust To ChangeHelping Your Kids To Adjust To Change

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Helping Your Kids To Adjust To Change

When we found out that we were going to be moving to a new country for my husband's job, I could tell that my kids were more than a little freaked out. We talked with them at length about the transition, but they were really apprehensive about accepting the change. However, after we talked with a few other parents who had been through the same thing, we learned great coping mechanisms that would help them. We showed them pictures of our new place, and explained interesting local customs. After awhile, they started to warm up to the idea. My blog is about helping you to teach your kids to adjust to change, so that they aren't left struggling with a difficult transition.



Tips For Moving An Upright Piano

If you are conducting a house move, an upright piano can be one of the biggest headaches. Many traditional movers won't include an upright piano in their basic service, so you'll need to consider how to get the piano out of your home. Here are some of the steps involved in moving an upright piano.

Plan Your Path

The first step to moving an upright piano is to plan the path you'll take from point A to point B. You can take a tape measure to measure the width of the piano, and then walk through your route to make sure that the piano will fit through the entire space. Be sure to leave a few inches of clearance on each side so that you don't risk dinging the walls as you move the piano.

Wrap the Piano

To prepare a piano for moving, you'll need to secure the lid with tape and cover the keys. Wrap the petals with padding. Then, you'll need to rent a piano cover that includes hand grips.


Once you've planned your route and wrapped the piano, prepare to move. You'll probably want to have a dolly on hand to roll the piano onto the moving truck. You can get harnesses to lessen the weight of the piano; most of the weight will rest between your harness and your partner's harness if you hook them under the piano. Since pianos can be several hundred pounds, you'll want at least three people to lift the piano.

Consider a Professional Moving Service

If the steps above sound like a lot of work, then you may want to consider professional piano moving services to take care of the job for you. There are a few reasons why getting a professional to move your piano is a great idea. First of all, the moving company can offer you insurance to protect your piano. There are many things that can go wrong during a piano move, from dents to broken strings and chipped keys. You also need to be careful about not chipping your walls while moving the piano.

All of these risks can add up to a lot of lost cash. Piano moving services provide you a greater guarantee that nothing will go wrong, and they give you great coverage in case there is some damage during your move. With the hassles of moving, it can be worth the extra cash to have your piano taken care of.