Helping Your Kids To Adjust To ChangeHelping Your Kids To Adjust To Change

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Helping Your Kids To Adjust To Change

When we found out that we were going to be moving to a new country for my husband's job, I could tell that my kids were more than a little freaked out. We talked with them at length about the transition, but they were really apprehensive about accepting the change. However, after we talked with a few other parents who had been through the same thing, we learned great coping mechanisms that would help them. We showed them pictures of our new place, and explained interesting local customs. After awhile, they started to warm up to the idea. My blog is about helping you to teach your kids to adjust to change, so that they aren't left struggling with a difficult transition.



3 Tips When Moving with Children

One of the most dreaded tasks by many people is making a move. However, the need to relocate can occur at some point during your lifetime.  This may be an even more stressful event if you have kids in the household. Being aware of specific tips that will make your move with children easy are ideal for any family that needs to relocate.

Tip #1: Hold a family meeting

One of the first things you will want to have a meeting that the entire family must attend. This will allow you to talk about the necessary move, and below are some things you can discuss:

  1. The actual time and date that you plan on moving to your new place.
  2. The tasks that you expect each family member to perform in preparation for the relocation.
  3. The length of time it may take to reach your destination.
  4. If household pets are involved, you will want to decide if the pets will be included in your move.
  5. New schools that your children will be required to attend at your new home should be presented at the meeting.

Tip #2: Organize a yard sale

Being able to make your move as stress-free as possible will mean packing and transporting fewer items the day of your move. The best way to accomplish this goal and make some extra money is by having a yard sale to get rid of many things.

Be sure to advertise your sale in the local newspaper and tell family and friends about it to help spread the word. You may want to also put a sign in your front yard the day of the actual sale.

Tip #3: Schedule packing days

The more organized your move is, the less stressful it may be. Take the time to schedule certain days for packing and getting ready to move. One idea is to choose a different day of the week for each room. This can allow you to go through the entire room and put all of the items in boxes or package up that need to be taken with you.

Getting ready to make a move of any type will require some patience and effort on your part. However, if you have children, you may need to practice a bit more of both. Be sure to consult with a local moving company like Wheaton World Wide Moving to help you get where you need to go.