Helping Your Kids To Adjust To ChangeHelping Your Kids To Adjust To Change

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Helping Your Kids To Adjust To Change

When we found out that we were going to be moving to a new country for my husband's job, I could tell that my kids were more than a little freaked out. We talked with them at length about the transition, but they were really apprehensive about accepting the change. However, after we talked with a few other parents who had been through the same thing, we learned great coping mechanisms that would help them. We showed them pictures of our new place, and explained interesting local customs. After awhile, they started to warm up to the idea. My blog is about helping you to teach your kids to adjust to change, so that they aren't left struggling with a difficult transition.



Three Creative Strategies To Help You Pay Less For Your Storage Unit

If you're enticed by the idea of renting a unit at a self storage facility and using the extra space to bring order to your home, one of your first priorities is to determine if you have the budget to rent the space. While many self storage facilities offer regular promotions, multiple price points and customer-friendly rates that can allow virtually anyone to rent a unit, there are ways to pay less for your unit if your finances are tight. A little legwork on your behalf and some creativity can ensure that you pay exactly the amount that best suits your budget. Here are three ways to achieve that goal.

Don't Store Replaceable Items

Take an inventory of the possessions that you plan to store and, keeping in mind that each item increases the volume of the space you'll need to rent, do your best to get rid of items that you can replace in the future. Ideally, it's best to sell or give away things with little financial value, as it often won't make sense to have these items fill your storage unit. If you have a an old bulky bookcase, for example, think about getting rid of it and consider the ease with which you can buy a used bookcase when you need it in the future. Not having to store large items can also help you rent a smaller, less-expensive unit.

Find Someone To Share The Space

Tracking down a trusted family member or friend with whom you can share the storage unit and the monthly bill can help you save a considerable amount of money, especially if you both plan to use the self storage facility for a period of several months or years. Dividing the space is as easy and putting a piece of masking tape down the center of the floor.

Don't Pay For Unneeded Features

Many self storage facilities offer a wide range of beneficial features for their customers. It's possible to rent a climate-controlled unit or get a unit that you can access with a vehicle. If you don't need these features, however, there's no point in paying extra for them. Talk to the rental agent about getting a no-frills unit. If you're storing old books and family mementos, for example, you may not need the space to be a certain temperature. Likewise, if you're only storing small, manageable-sized boxes, you can save money by getting a unit that isn't accessible by vehicle. Contact a storage unit like AAA Flying Trolley Self Storage to see if they have this type (or other more affordable types) of unit available.